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ABI Test

Understanding the ABI Test: A Simple Checkup for Your Circulation

The Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) is a quick, painless test that compares your blood pressure in your ankle and your arm. It provides a valuable snapshot of how well blood is flowing to your legs and feet.

Why get an ABI test?

The major risk factors for carotid artery disease include:

What to Expect: It's as Easy as a Blood Pressure Check

Understanding Your Results

Beyond PAD: Other Uses of ABI

Where to Get an ABI Test

Important Note: If you have risk factors for PAD (smoking, diabetes, over age 50,  etc.), talk to your doctor about getting an ABI test, even if you don't have leg symptoms. Early detection is crucial!


At Vegas Vascular Medicine, we provide screening and diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease with the ABI.