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Foot Ulcers

Foot Ulcers: A Serious Threat to Foot Health

Foot ulcers are open wounds or sores that develop on the feet. They are a common and potentially dangerous complication for people with diabetes and other conditions that disrupt blood flow or nerve function in the feet.

The Culprits: Why Foot Ulcers Happen

Why Foot Ulcers Need Urgent Attention

Signs of a Foot Ulcer

Treating Foot Ulcers

Successful treatment requires a multi-pronged approach:

Prevention is Key

Don't Delay Treatment!

If you notice any signs of a foot ulcer, contact your doctor or a wound care specialist immediately. Early intervention is crucial to prevent serious complications and preserve your foot health.


Contact us if you would like information on specific foot care practices, checking your circulation, advanced wound therapies for foot ulcers, or resources for finding specialized foot care providers.