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Vascular Screening

Vascular Screenings: Your Roadmap to Healthy Blood Vessels

Vascular screenings are simple, painless tests that can detect potential problems with your blood vessels before they become serious. Think of it as a preventive checkup for your arteries.

Who Should Consider a Vascular Screening?

You might be a good candidate for screening if you have one or more of these risk factors:

What Does a Vascular Screening Involve?

Common screening tests include:

carotid ultrasound

Benefits of Vascular Screening

What to Expect

Where to Get Screened


Important Note: Vascular screening is not a substitute for regular checkups with your doctor. It's a valuable extra tool for safeguarding your health!


We at Vegas Vascular Medicine provide vascular screenings for anyone interested and will review the results with you and provide recommendations based on the results.